Thursday, 19 December 2013

Hot hotel goss!

So much is happening this year its hard to process everything and figure out if its good or bad.

Recently Amathus was sold and the majority now belongs to the owner of Four Seasons which is also a 5 star hotel, practically next to Amathus....So as there is a new owner there will be a lot of new changes to improve everything starting from 1st January. When they announced that the hotel has been sold they also said that the name of this one which is in Limassol will remain the same, however the one in Paphos will no longer be known as Amathus and will be changed to something else (can't remember what it was).
So after that, today we found out that Amathus will be closing on the 9th January till the 20th March to make changes and train staff.....So where does that leave us?!!

Just as we completely settle in BOOM there comes another surprise!....Now when I'm comfortable with everything and everyone there comes another change!
There have been so many thoughts going through our heads....Maybe we can go home and finish our placement year at home? Maybe they will move us to Four Seasons?....No one knows because no one is telling us anything!!

Fair enough everyoneelse knows that they have over 2 months off and will just come back when Amathus reopens, however we're trainees and don't want to go home for that long as we will definitely not come back hahah, plus that means that we miss out on summer 2014, that's a horrible and depressing though as we have already missed out on summer this year.

It will be interesting to see what happens next! but for now I think we should enjoy our last few weeks at Amathus because no one knows what will happen!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Six months down, six to go!

Once again I have waited too long to update my blog....but here we go!

So lets see what have I been up to....
Oh me and Ellie had a day off together a while back so we decided to go and spend a day in Paphos, it was amazing! So different to Limassol, we went to see the castle which isn't actually that interesting, then we went on a little boat cruise, that was really good and relaxing, would do that again anytime. Then we also went to see the tombs of the kings, I thought that was quite interesting because all it is is rocks but if you really look around you can see that it actually used to be where people once lived...its insane!
I would definitely go back to Paphos to do different activities before I go back home. And there are English people everywhere which is lovely! for once I can understand what people around me are saying as its not in Greek or Russian.
Oh and we also went to see the Papho Amathus, definitely a lot prettier than ours, but then again it is a lot newer than ours, plus it would obviously automatically look a lot better because we don't work there, no one really likes where they work do they?

As we were all here for bonfire night, we went to the beach at night after everyone had finished work and had a beach bonfire, it was the cutest night we have had in Cyprus so far! It is the best way to be together and relax, with snacks, music, drinks. fire, sand, sea, and stars...what else do you need? simply perfection....The beach is 100% the thing that I will miss the most when I'm back home!

Then last month we all made sure that we had the same day off so that we could go on a trip to Nicosia. Once we got there we went over the boarder and payed a small visit to the Turkish side. I can't really say much about it as we didn't actually have a chance to go into the city or see things, so that's also on my list of things to do before I return home, but it is cute and the cultural differences are intently noticeable....It was a good day s we were all together, the only time we get to be together is f we request it. But overall a good trip out.

So we have been doing different things to make it more fun...other than visiting places there's not really much.

Moving on to work, I think there is probably way too much to talk about so I wont go into details, but we are basically the only trainees left at the hotel as everyone who came in summer has now completed their 5 months and gone back. It's really quiet now and there aren't many guests at the hotel either as its freezing here believe it or not! I think it might actually be a lot colder than it is back at home. I'm trying not to buy too many winter clothes because I already had trouble bringing my tings here....Oh my! I am dreading packing already hahah It'll be interesting to say the least!

So that's basically it....I know it was boring but there is just way too much to talk about in detail, I think I will start doing regular updates so I can include the details and all of the real antics that go on with me :)

here are the pics!!...


Beach bonfire <3


In front and across the border 
 Paphos sunset <3


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Life in Cyprus.

Yet again its been too long since I last updated my blog....There is just not enough time to do anything anymore, I have now changed to doing 1-10 or 2-11 shifts all week except the odd day where one of the girls has her day off and I get to do the morning shift from 6:30-3:30....yeah its supper early but its so nice to finally have a evening off once a week.

Thinking about it there is actually a lot that has happened within the past month. We have all been trying to have as much fun as we can, and it is a lot easier now that I have late starts which mans I can much more of a life and go out. Well we tend to just go to trippers which is also known as Amathus number 2 (for staff). But we did celebrate Stacy's and my 20th Birthday which was good fun. For my birthday we decided to go to the beach after work and just order loads of food and relax with some music and drinks, all wrapped up in our jumpers and scarfs at night. Was a good birthday spent in Cyprus....Oh and yes of course we went out the night before, its not a proper birthday celebration without going out now is it?

Other than celebrating Birthdays, we have had more people leave which was really sad because now there is hardly anyone working that was here when we first started, instead we see someone new start every week or so.
We have also had a lot of trainees come over from Poland for a month at a time, and they tend to do all the polishing which is good for us because that means we don't have to polish any cutlery for the month that they are here....hehehe. But it is depressing at the same time seeing them leave after a month and we are still here. we now have the second group of Polish trainees, so this time when they leave, not long after the rest of the trainees will leave that came at the same time as us....that means we will be the only trainees until the new ones come in January!! :( not fun at all.

On a much lighter and funnier note (this is a secret which I have kept to myself and not told anyone) The other week when I was doing the morning shift in room service obviously, I somehow managed to break the sink!! the whole sink head flew off spraying water everywhere!!....oopsie! a little panic but at the same time funny moment for myself hahahah......So if you work with me and are reading this ssssshhhhhhh don't tell anyone! I fixed it so its all good :)....My clumsy moments make things a bit more fun hahah.

Oooo I nearly forgot, I also had the chance to work in a outdoor catering event which was nice as I was able to spend the whole day out of the hotel. Amathus was catering for a well known shipping company who were celebrating their 20th anniversary as well as the opening of a new building in Limassol. It was nice to have the chance to work in a different surrounding and see how events are set up. They blocked off the road and placed all the tables on the road in front of the building, so all the guests had a massive dinner celebration on the road. I was working on the buffet that night just making sure that everything is okay and refilled. It was definitely a good experience, the only negatives were that I was working for 15 hours and it got absolutely freezing at night for Cyprus, but other than that it was enjoyable.

Hmmm what else has happened?.....Oh yeah! of course I had to get myself a birthday present so I went and got myself another cheeky tattoo :D yeah I think I might be slightly addicted to tattoos, but its all good :)

That's about all I have for now I think....but keep tuned in for another update!:)

Stacy's Birthday

The outdoor catering

My Birthday present :)


Friday, 20 September 2013

Don't know where to start.

Too much has happened since the last time I wrote, I don't actually know where to begin!
Okay lets see...I guess I'll start with the negatives (because there's always negatives) people have now slowly started leaving as their placement is coming to an end, which is super depressing for us because we have to watch everyone leave while we're still here till June. Hopefully we wont have to watch anymore people leaving its horrible.

Other than people leaving, there has been a major change for me as they have decided to move my department and place me in room service. I mean they didn't even bother telling me that I'm moving I had to find out for myself when I was being dragged around for a week working in the restaurant as well as room service! This is the only reason where I wish I was at home, they never tell us whats going on and what they want us to do, they somehow just expect us to know.
So on my third day into working in room service I was already left to work alone for an hour and a half....Yes it may not sound like a long time but trust me when its just you on your own on your third day answering phone calls, taking orders, delivering them to the kitchen, setting tables and trays, making sure everything's correct and then delivering the order to the room....It's hard work!

No one said it was going to be easy.....just have to get on with it I guess.
It's not all bad all the time, just wish that there was something fun, it would definitely help make the work easier and make the time pass quicker.

On a much happier note I finally got some time off and went HOME!!!....They where the best 6 days I have had so far....Of course I had some trouble getting home (If you know me you know its never as simple as it should be with me...oopsie) but I got home eventually which was the main thing.

Being at home was absolutely amazing, I got to see all my family again and also managed to meet up with some friends....was lovely. Oh and I got to visit Birmingham again, I miss it SO much, cant wait to get back home at the end of this!!

A lot more has probably happened but that's about all that I can remember....But here are some pictures as usual :)
A little send off for some on the beach

Me and Ellie had a pet for a while! :)

Going home!!!

Treated the sister and mum to a meal at Marco Pierre White...Was amazing!

Back to Cyprus I go :(


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Two months done!

It has finally been 2 months!! wwoohhoo! Seems like time is just dragging, but I know everything about what I need to do and when I need to do it so I can just quickly get on with it before anyone has the chance to shout and tell me what to do. I don't think I'll ever get used to the shouting, and really hope I don't, otherwise a year later when I return home I will be shouting at everyone without realizing I'm doing it.
Lets hope I return with all my manners. People are surprised that I still say please, thank you and excuse me even after 2 months of being here....That will never change EVER!

Ahhh work has been so insane for the past week and it wont be any better this week. There was a public holiday on the 15th August but instead of having that one day off the Cypriots decide to be awkward and celebrate that one day for a week or two, which means the hotel restaurants are always rammed at all three times breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
I cant wait for the next couple of weeks to be over, plus holiday season comes to an end so it will be a lot quieter. However September is the wedding season so it will be constant wedding service, but I cant wait for the weddings to start. Means everyone is in a good mood, I get to see the beautiful layout and decoration, the wedding dresses, the traditional wedding and there will be good music playing to make the work go faster. Even though I might not finish work till 2am, but hey I will never get to do this again.

We haven't really done anything in the past few weeks, mainly because we all have our days off on different days so we never have the chance to do anything. However on the odd days that I get the 7 till 4 or 8 till 5 shift me and Danni decide to go to the beach and have a little picnic and watch the sun go down and the stars come out...It is the most relaxing thing lying on the sand just looking up at the stars, and to make it even more amazing I saw a shooting star one evening....Most beautiful thing I have experienced so far.
Oooo and me and Danni had a pizza hut yesterday, never enjoyed pizza so much!! All the food is so different compared to home, so its only the franchised places that we know we will get the same tasting food.  
I'm hoping my next blog will be a lot more exciting than this one haha....I'm planning on doing some fun activities so I shall blog all about that soon. Watch out!!

Picture time....

Our little picnic

Sunset <3

Oh and we went for lush dessert at Colors..Yummm

Pizza Hut!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Strictly work.

Just realized that in my previous blogs I mainly talk about going out or going to the beach and just relaxing...well trying to relax.

So this one is about work and all of the things which I have been able to do so far.
To start of with the main things that every waitress and waiter has to know is how to fold napkins and polish cutlery....Oh good old polishing cutlery!! I have to polish everyday, I don't think there's been a day where I have not polished in the past 5 week of working here, I don't mind it too much though, sometimes its better than being outside in the heat serving customers. 

Other than folding napkins and polishing cutlery. I also have to clear tales, clean them and then set them up again. After breakfast we set them up ready for lunch which are usually all double set up, then after lunch we have to set up ready for dinner. Inside the Kalypso we have to set up for breakfast because that's not open for dinner, but outside in the Kalypso half of the set up is single and half is double, usually because that's just there for the customers that don't want to sit and have dinner in La teraza or if there is no space. 

I also have to do canape service sometimes, I like that job as it allows me to go off for an hour or so by myself and deliver a plate of canape with champagne for the adults and a glass of orange juice for children to some of the rooms....Canape service is only for those guests that are staying in the majorly expensive rooms which have private pools and the sea view with a balcony. The rooms are gorgeous!
I have also done room service for one room, that was only because they were desperate for help and I decided to help out, its basically exactly the same as canape service, the only difference is that you have to mention everything that is on the trolley table and get them to sign the bill....I hope I get the chance to work in room service at some point during the year.

One evening I was also sent up to the Nu bar where I had to walk around with a massive tray of canape and a tray of champagne and give it to the guests. I was walking around with a tray for a good 35-40 minutes, and the next day when I woke up I couldn't lift my arm...I didn't quite understand that because I carry trays everyday....Strange. 

But yeah that's basically what I have been doing so far for the past 5 and a half weeks of working at the Amathus Beach Hotel. It will get really quiet during the winter season which means there will not be much to do. I seriously can not wait for winter. Finally time to relax!! And I miss the rain so much, we will finally see some rain!!

Sadly there are no pictures today, but I'll try to take some pictures or find some of the restaurants which I work in :).

Friday, 26 July 2013

Eventful week

Yup its been another very eventful week. So much has happened but the main thing which I can remember is that one of the head waiters got fired. That's very intense as some people thinks it's linked to me, but its not. Well it may be slightly but it just so happens that this was not the first time this situation occurred and this was his last chance, so its a good thing hes gone...yayy...I used to dread going into work if I had to work with him, so now its a much happier place for everyone!!

Work is getting really repetitive and tedious, and its getting hard to work outside in this heat...The temperature has definitely gone up this week...I cant wait till it starts raining!! We are missing the rain so much, never thought we would! Plus when it starts raining I'll be able to work in a different restaurant which will be a change...Hopefully a good change. Another plus is that it will not be as busy as it is now.

The past couple of days have been the best days in Cyprus for me so far as some of my family members have come for a few days for a holiday but are also staying at Amathus so that they are able to see me.
I was at work when they arrived, and saw them walking around the hotel and at the pool...I don't think I've ever had a bigger smile on my face!
So yesterday we went into town and had a lovely day....went for some ice cream (obviously) and just did a bit of shopping.
In the evening they then went back to the hotel for dinner and I decided to go to the Chasers bar with the girls for a little while, as it was my and Elly's day off....Don't want to be spending the day off in the hotel. Was a good evening, playing a bit of darts and pool...Oh and of course Elly broke the fan hahaha bless her its always Elly, she really does make my day!!

Today I had a split shift from 7 till 11 and then I'll be going back in a while till midnight.
But I managed to go for lunch with my family, and what better place to go than TGI Fridays on a Friday...haha.
I had to say bye to the kids again today which was horrible! Absolutely hate saying goodbye....Lets just hope I don't get depressed again hahah.....Was the best feeling seeing family after so long!!

Well I have to get ready and go back to work now....Really hope time goes fast tonight.

Here's the lovely pictures :)

Chasers with the girlies!

 My Munchkin Ethan

 Both of my little monkeys

With my munchkin Sienna and the best sister in law

It's the Dhillons!!

Looks like I'm  pro at darts. Hahah