Sunday, 18 August 2013

Two months done!

It has finally been 2 months!! wwoohhoo! Seems like time is just dragging, but I know everything about what I need to do and when I need to do it so I can just quickly get on with it before anyone has the chance to shout and tell me what to do. I don't think I'll ever get used to the shouting, and really hope I don't, otherwise a year later when I return home I will be shouting at everyone without realizing I'm doing it.
Lets hope I return with all my manners. People are surprised that I still say please, thank you and excuse me even after 2 months of being here....That will never change EVER!

Ahhh work has been so insane for the past week and it wont be any better this week. There was a public holiday on the 15th August but instead of having that one day off the Cypriots decide to be awkward and celebrate that one day for a week or two, which means the hotel restaurants are always rammed at all three times breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
I cant wait for the next couple of weeks to be over, plus holiday season comes to an end so it will be a lot quieter. However September is the wedding season so it will be constant wedding service, but I cant wait for the weddings to start. Means everyone is in a good mood, I get to see the beautiful layout and decoration, the wedding dresses, the traditional wedding and there will be good music playing to make the work go faster. Even though I might not finish work till 2am, but hey I will never get to do this again.

We haven't really done anything in the past few weeks, mainly because we all have our days off on different days so we never have the chance to do anything. However on the odd days that I get the 7 till 4 or 8 till 5 shift me and Danni decide to go to the beach and have a little picnic and watch the sun go down and the stars come out...It is the most relaxing thing lying on the sand just looking up at the stars, and to make it even more amazing I saw a shooting star one evening....Most beautiful thing I have experienced so far.
Oooo and me and Danni had a pizza hut yesterday, never enjoyed pizza so much!! All the food is so different compared to home, so its only the franchised places that we know we will get the same tasting food.  
I'm hoping my next blog will be a lot more exciting than this one haha....I'm planning on doing some fun activities so I shall blog all about that soon. Watch out!!

Picture time....

Our little picnic

Sunset <3

Oh and we went for lush dessert at Colors..Yummm

Pizza Hut!!

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