Saturday, 14 December 2013

Six months down, six to go!

Once again I have waited too long to update my blog....but here we go!

So lets see what have I been up to....
Oh me and Ellie had a day off together a while back so we decided to go and spend a day in Paphos, it was amazing! So different to Limassol, we went to see the castle which isn't actually that interesting, then we went on a little boat cruise, that was really good and relaxing, would do that again anytime. Then we also went to see the tombs of the kings, I thought that was quite interesting because all it is is rocks but if you really look around you can see that it actually used to be where people once lived...its insane!
I would definitely go back to Paphos to do different activities before I go back home. And there are English people everywhere which is lovely! for once I can understand what people around me are saying as its not in Greek or Russian.
Oh and we also went to see the Papho Amathus, definitely a lot prettier than ours, but then again it is a lot newer than ours, plus it would obviously automatically look a lot better because we don't work there, no one really likes where they work do they?

As we were all here for bonfire night, we went to the beach at night after everyone had finished work and had a beach bonfire, it was the cutest night we have had in Cyprus so far! It is the best way to be together and relax, with snacks, music, drinks. fire, sand, sea, and stars...what else do you need? simply perfection....The beach is 100% the thing that I will miss the most when I'm back home!

Then last month we all made sure that we had the same day off so that we could go on a trip to Nicosia. Once we got there we went over the boarder and payed a small visit to the Turkish side. I can't really say much about it as we didn't actually have a chance to go into the city or see things, so that's also on my list of things to do before I return home, but it is cute and the cultural differences are intently noticeable....It was a good day s we were all together, the only time we get to be together is f we request it. But overall a good trip out.

So we have been doing different things to make it more fun...other than visiting places there's not really much.

Moving on to work, I think there is probably way too much to talk about so I wont go into details, but we are basically the only trainees left at the hotel as everyone who came in summer has now completed their 5 months and gone back. It's really quiet now and there aren't many guests at the hotel either as its freezing here believe it or not! I think it might actually be a lot colder than it is back at home. I'm trying not to buy too many winter clothes because I already had trouble bringing my tings here....Oh my! I am dreading packing already hahah It'll be interesting to say the least!

So that's basically it....I know it was boring but there is just way too much to talk about in detail, I think I will start doing regular updates so I can include the details and all of the real antics that go on with me :)

here are the pics!!...


Beach bonfire <3


In front and across the border 
 Paphos sunset <3


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