Friday, 26 July 2013

Eventful week

Yup its been another very eventful week. So much has happened but the main thing which I can remember is that one of the head waiters got fired. That's very intense as some people thinks it's linked to me, but its not. Well it may be slightly but it just so happens that this was not the first time this situation occurred and this was his last chance, so its a good thing hes gone...yayy...I used to dread going into work if I had to work with him, so now its a much happier place for everyone!!

Work is getting really repetitive and tedious, and its getting hard to work outside in this heat...The temperature has definitely gone up this week...I cant wait till it starts raining!! We are missing the rain so much, never thought we would! Plus when it starts raining I'll be able to work in a different restaurant which will be a change...Hopefully a good change. Another plus is that it will not be as busy as it is now.

The past couple of days have been the best days in Cyprus for me so far as some of my family members have come for a few days for a holiday but are also staying at Amathus so that they are able to see me.
I was at work when they arrived, and saw them walking around the hotel and at the pool...I don't think I've ever had a bigger smile on my face!
So yesterday we went into town and had a lovely day....went for some ice cream (obviously) and just did a bit of shopping.
In the evening they then went back to the hotel for dinner and I decided to go to the Chasers bar with the girls for a little while, as it was my and Elly's day off....Don't want to be spending the day off in the hotel. Was a good evening, playing a bit of darts and pool...Oh and of course Elly broke the fan hahaha bless her its always Elly, she really does make my day!!

Today I had a split shift from 7 till 11 and then I'll be going back in a while till midnight.
But I managed to go for lunch with my family, and what better place to go than TGI Fridays on a Friday...haha.
I had to say bye to the kids again today which was horrible! Absolutely hate saying goodbye....Lets just hope I don't get depressed again hahah.....Was the best feeling seeing family after so long!!

Well I have to get ready and go back to work now....Really hope time goes fast tonight.

Here's the lovely pictures :)

Chasers with the girlies!

 My Munchkin Ethan

 Both of my little monkeys

With my munchkin Sienna and the best sister in law

It's the Dhillons!!

Looks like I'm  pro at darts. Hahah

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