Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Life in Cyprus.

Yet again its been too long since I last updated my blog....There is just not enough time to do anything anymore, I have now changed to doing 1-10 or 2-11 shifts all week except the odd day where one of the girls has her day off and I get to do the morning shift from 6:30-3:30....yeah its supper early but its so nice to finally have a evening off once a week.

Thinking about it there is actually a lot that has happened within the past month. We have all been trying to have as much fun as we can, and it is a lot easier now that I have late starts which mans I can much more of a life and go out. Well we tend to just go to trippers which is also known as Amathus number 2 (for staff). But we did celebrate Stacy's and my 20th Birthday which was good fun. For my birthday we decided to go to the beach after work and just order loads of food and relax with some music and drinks, all wrapped up in our jumpers and scarfs at night. Was a good birthday spent in Cyprus....Oh and yes of course we went out the night before, its not a proper birthday celebration without going out now is it?

Other than celebrating Birthdays, we have had more people leave which was really sad because now there is hardly anyone working that was here when we first started, instead we see someone new start every week or so.
We have also had a lot of trainees come over from Poland for a month at a time, and they tend to do all the polishing which is good for us because that means we don't have to polish any cutlery for the month that they are here....hehehe. But it is depressing at the same time seeing them leave after a month and we are still here. we now have the second group of Polish trainees, so this time when they leave, not long after the rest of the trainees will leave that came at the same time as us....that means we will be the only trainees until the new ones come in January!! :( not fun at all.

On a much lighter and funnier note (this is a secret which I have kept to myself and not told anyone) The other week when I was doing the morning shift in room service obviously, I somehow managed to break the sink!! the whole sink head flew off spraying water everywhere!!....oopsie! a little panic but at the same time funny moment for myself hahahah......So if you work with me and are reading this ssssshhhhhhh don't tell anyone! I fixed it so its all good :)....My clumsy moments make things a bit more fun hahah.

Oooo I nearly forgot, I also had the chance to work in a outdoor catering event which was nice as I was able to spend the whole day out of the hotel. Amathus was catering for a well known shipping company who were celebrating their 20th anniversary as well as the opening of a new building in Limassol. It was nice to have the chance to work in a different surrounding and see how events are set up. They blocked off the road and placed all the tables on the road in front of the building, so all the guests had a massive dinner celebration on the road. I was working on the buffet that night just making sure that everything is okay and refilled. It was definitely a good experience, the only negatives were that I was working for 15 hours and it got absolutely freezing at night for Cyprus, but other than that it was enjoyable.

Hmmm what else has happened?.....Oh yeah! of course I had to get myself a birthday present so I went and got myself another cheeky tattoo :D yeah I think I might be slightly addicted to tattoos, but its all good :)

That's about all I have for now I think....but keep tuned in for another update!:)

Stacy's Birthday

The outdoor catering

My Birthday present :)


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