Thursday, 1 August 2013

Strictly work.

Just realized that in my previous blogs I mainly talk about going out or going to the beach and just relaxing...well trying to relax.

So this one is about work and all of the things which I have been able to do so far.
To start of with the main things that every waitress and waiter has to know is how to fold napkins and polish cutlery....Oh good old polishing cutlery!! I have to polish everyday, I don't think there's been a day where I have not polished in the past 5 week of working here, I don't mind it too much though, sometimes its better than being outside in the heat serving customers. 

Other than folding napkins and polishing cutlery. I also have to clear tales, clean them and then set them up again. After breakfast we set them up ready for lunch which are usually all double set up, then after lunch we have to set up ready for dinner. Inside the Kalypso we have to set up for breakfast because that's not open for dinner, but outside in the Kalypso half of the set up is single and half is double, usually because that's just there for the customers that don't want to sit and have dinner in La teraza or if there is no space. 

I also have to do canape service sometimes, I like that job as it allows me to go off for an hour or so by myself and deliver a plate of canape with champagne for the adults and a glass of orange juice for children to some of the rooms....Canape service is only for those guests that are staying in the majorly expensive rooms which have private pools and the sea view with a balcony. The rooms are gorgeous!
I have also done room service for one room, that was only because they were desperate for help and I decided to help out, its basically exactly the same as canape service, the only difference is that you have to mention everything that is on the trolley table and get them to sign the bill....I hope I get the chance to work in room service at some point during the year.

One evening I was also sent up to the Nu bar where I had to walk around with a massive tray of canape and a tray of champagne and give it to the guests. I was walking around with a tray for a good 35-40 minutes, and the next day when I woke up I couldn't lift my arm...I didn't quite understand that because I carry trays everyday....Strange. 

But yeah that's basically what I have been doing so far for the past 5 and a half weeks of working at the Amathus Beach Hotel. It will get really quiet during the winter season which means there will not be much to do. I seriously can not wait for winter. Finally time to relax!! And I miss the rain so much, we will finally see some rain!!

Sadly there are no pictures today, but I'll try to take some pictures or find some of the restaurants which I work in :).

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