Thursday, 19 December 2013

Hot hotel goss!

So much is happening this year its hard to process everything and figure out if its good or bad.

Recently Amathus was sold and the majority now belongs to the owner of Four Seasons which is also a 5 star hotel, practically next to Amathus....So as there is a new owner there will be a lot of new changes to improve everything starting from 1st January. When they announced that the hotel has been sold they also said that the name of this one which is in Limassol will remain the same, however the one in Paphos will no longer be known as Amathus and will be changed to something else (can't remember what it was).
So after that, today we found out that Amathus will be closing on the 9th January till the 20th March to make changes and train staff.....So where does that leave us?!!

Just as we completely settle in BOOM there comes another surprise!....Now when I'm comfortable with everything and everyone there comes another change!
There have been so many thoughts going through our heads....Maybe we can go home and finish our placement year at home? Maybe they will move us to Four Seasons?....No one knows because no one is telling us anything!!

Fair enough everyoneelse knows that they have over 2 months off and will just come back when Amathus reopens, however we're trainees and don't want to go home for that long as we will definitely not come back hahah, plus that means that we miss out on summer 2014, that's a horrible and depressing though as we have already missed out on summer this year.

It will be interesting to see what happens next! but for now I think we should enjoy our last few weeks at Amathus because no one knows what will happen!

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