Friday, 20 September 2013

Don't know where to start.

Too much has happened since the last time I wrote, I don't actually know where to begin!
Okay lets see...I guess I'll start with the negatives (because there's always negatives) people have now slowly started leaving as their placement is coming to an end, which is super depressing for us because we have to watch everyone leave while we're still here till June. Hopefully we wont have to watch anymore people leaving its horrible.

Other than people leaving, there has been a major change for me as they have decided to move my department and place me in room service. I mean they didn't even bother telling me that I'm moving I had to find out for myself when I was being dragged around for a week working in the restaurant as well as room service! This is the only reason where I wish I was at home, they never tell us whats going on and what they want us to do, they somehow just expect us to know.
So on my third day into working in room service I was already left to work alone for an hour and a half....Yes it may not sound like a long time but trust me when its just you on your own on your third day answering phone calls, taking orders, delivering them to the kitchen, setting tables and trays, making sure everything's correct and then delivering the order to the room....It's hard work!

No one said it was going to be easy.....just have to get on with it I guess.
It's not all bad all the time, just wish that there was something fun, it would definitely help make the work easier and make the time pass quicker.

On a much happier note I finally got some time off and went HOME!!!....They where the best 6 days I have had so far....Of course I had some trouble getting home (If you know me you know its never as simple as it should be with me...oopsie) but I got home eventually which was the main thing.

Being at home was absolutely amazing, I got to see all my family again and also managed to meet up with some friends....was lovely. Oh and I got to visit Birmingham again, I miss it SO much, cant wait to get back home at the end of this!!

A lot more has probably happened but that's about all that I can remember....But here are some pictures as usual :)
A little send off for some on the beach

Me and Ellie had a pet for a while! :)

Going home!!!

Treated the sister and mum to a meal at Marco Pierre White...Was amazing!

Back to Cyprus I go :(


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