Monday, 1 July 2013

Busy Bee!!...

Its been a crazy week at work! the shifts are ridiculously long and at such odd times, and I only get one day off during the whole week.
It was my first day last Monday and I started at 8am till 5, which is 6am back at home! Took a while to adjust to Cypriot timing as I never used to go sleep till 2am which would be 4am here now... Not good!

I then had some split shifts during the week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, were I went in at 8-12 and then had a break in between and had to go back to work at 7 till midnight. Definitely not something I would expect, but one of the things I have learned over the week is that anything goes in Cyprus, there are literally no rules!!!.... Then on Wednesday I had to work 1-10 straight and Saturday it was a horrid 7-4. And Friday I had my glorious one day off where I just decided to relax and go to the beach.

That was just last weeks rota, they change every week which means I will be working different hours each week and will have a different day off every week. Knowing that the rotas are placed up every Sunday I went to check my times last night to find that I had my day off today, I was so annoyed!! I just had my day off on Friday which means I will now be working for over 10 days straight without a day off!! And to top it all off I am doing split shifts from Tuesday to Thursday, then Friday I have to work 11-3, have a break then back to work 7 till midnight. And Sunday I'm in 1 till 11!!... Just have to wait till Sunday to see what joyful hours I get given next week.

Anyways now that I have had my massive rant over the horrendous working hours I have actually had the best day today. I had my day off with Elly and Stacy, so we decided to go explore Cyprus. We left the hotel at 11 this morning and didn't get back in till 10, that just shows its been an amazing day!

We went down to the city because I desperately needed a pair of new shoes! I can no longer handle having to put plasters on my feet everyday to cover my blisters and prevent them from bleeding....The joys of being a full time waitress!!

So the three of us spent the day shopping around in tow. Its absolutely beautiful! There are little roads full of tourists shops which look like little cute villages, and then there are also bigger shops on some of the main roads....We found a Topshop!!!! That was definitely the highlight of our day alongside the two Starbucks we had hahah.
For lunch we found a little English cafe called 'Piccadilly'where we got joined by Lee, who is Savva's room mate and Robert who I work with in the Restaurant.

Dani finished work at 4 and then just joined us in town. After town Elly, Dani and I decided to go for lunch to a restaurant by the beach, its absolutely amazing in the evening, the temperature is perfect the stars are always out and the atmosphere is just completely different during the evening and nigh time.

It was a perfect day. Well now I have a fun packed week of work to look forward to! Oooo but there are also some new people starting tomorrow, now I wont be the only new person in my department, that's something exciting :)

Here are some more pictures :)....

Mmmm Starbucks!!  

Little village shops

Honey coated nuts...Delicious!

Absolutely love this, looks beautiful.

Little London cafe.

We found Pinocchio!!

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