Monday, 8 July 2013

The world of work

Working in this place is not a easy that's for sure! Honestly if you can work at Amathus Hotel you can work anywhere!!

My last day off was last Monday and the next one is not till Friday....CANT WAIT!!
I have been working so many different shifts at different times, the past two weeks are now just a blur. But I have to say that my split shifts are the best, I work during breakfast then clear everything up ready to set up for lunch, then I finish for the afternoon and return back to work for dinner. I love working during dinner...even though I don't finish till midnight. It's the best time to be working as its outside at the restaurant called 'The Laderaza'. The breakfast is also outside but it is definitely better in the evening as the atmosphere is so relaxed, the guests all come dressed nicely, there's always live music, and we get to see the sunset....well I don't really, I go in for a minute to clear plates and glasses, return outside and all of a sudden I notice its dark! Oh and the best part is that I get to see Elly, Stacy and Savvas, but they get to stand at their stations and serve the buffet food while I have to run around like a headless chicken collecting plates, getting drinks, clearing tables, getting bills and all sorts....The joys of being a waitress!

Right so far I have learnt how to set up tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The layout for breakfast is 'single' and for lunch and dinner it's 'double' and it's all silver service as its a 5 star hotel (extra effort). I can now open wine bottles...yyaayyy! Quite difficult when you have to open it in front of the customers, and there are different ways of serving white and red wines which is just confusing. Oh and I have learned how to polish cutlery, how could I forget!...That's the dreaded job that we get given when there is no more cutlery left to put out.

People here are so aggressive in the way that they talk, never say please or thank you, so its always a surprise when they do. The first day I got here everyone was so shocked that I use those words. And they are forever shouting at each other....I cant actually figure out if they are talking or fighting.

I finished for the day at 5 today so me, Elly and Dani decided to go out for dinner and get some proper food (some meat). They have rice, lentils, noodles and salad without fail in the canteen everyday!! there is never any meat or nutritious food so we try to go out at least once a week.

With all of the hard work we needed some time to have fun, so we decided to go out on Saturday night after our shift, it was a really good night as we bumped into loads of people from work....its nice seeing everyone out of the work place!

Well its going to be a long year but lets hope it flies by just like the rest do.

Some more pictures!!!

My name just about fits on the badge haha

The lovely restaurant uniform, minus the apron

A much needed frappe in the sunshine

The once a week meat consumption

And of course a dessert!

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