Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Made it a month!

I have officially made it a month in Cyprus today!! That is a major accomplishment for me, not seeing any of my family and living away from home. If you know me then I am probably the most homely person you will know, hahah. Its tough but I'm managing...But hey only 11 months to go, yayyy!!...I think the everyday Skype sessions with my family definitely help as I get to see everyone.

Sooooo I've been a little bit naughty this week and decided to get my third tattoo yesterday!!!....It was my day off so I wanted to do something good and what could be better than getting a tattoo right!??
The original plan was for me and Elly to wake up early in the morning and go into town to some of the tattoo places that we have seen and get some quotes and see if they have time to tattoo me. But that was a complete fail as we didn't actually wake up till 1pm...OOPS! hahah...Well I'm allowed to sleep as it is actually the only time I get a decent amount of sleep.

With that plan being a flop I waited till Danni finished work at 4 and then go into town.....After 4 hours of walking around we finally found a tattoo parlour which looked professional. We walked in, I showed him the design I drew out, he gave me a quote and told us to come back a couple of hours later if I still decide to get it....So meanwhile me and Danni did a bit of shopping (obviously) and went for dinner at a cute little village restaurant. And of cores dinner wouldn't be complete without a little dessert, so we stopped at the ice cream shop opposite the ice cream EVER!!!

2 and a half hours, a burger and a ice cream stop later we went back to the tattoo palour. The guy drew out a stencil of my design and added his own little touch to it...Looks amazing. I think it may have taken a total of 10 to 15 minutes to get the tattoo....Yes it was painful, its on my ribs which makes it extra painful...I somehow always get them in the most bony places.
But yeah that was basically my day off yesterday, definitely well spent!:)

I had a horrendous day at work today, it was a straight shift from 8 till 5....All the others had a day off today which makes work even more dreadful. But after my shift we decided to go for a yummy iced frappe, makes up for the long day at work :)

Well I have to be up by 6 in the morning and its already past 12 so a quick Skype session with the family and then straight to sleep! :)

Good night for now....

Here are some pictures as usual :)
Best ice cream around.

Tattoo number three...

Iced frappe after a long day at work

Just another cute village picture of town

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