Saturday, 13 July 2013

Still adapting to change...

So 10 days and over 95 hours of work later I finally got a day off!!...that would never be allowed to happen back at home.... I guess its just one of the many things I have to adapt to.

Ohh hello! housekeeping just walked into our room. I always find it a little bit awkward that there's a lady cleaning our room, mum's taught us to clean our own mess so its uncomfortable when we have someone coming to change our beds and clean the bathroom every week.....But then again that's one less thing for us to do right?...I suppose anyone else would love to have a maid come clean once a week hahahh.

So far this week work has been decent, surprisingly it's not been that busy, but I suppose it will be from now on as everyone is starting to get their summer holidays....great stuff for us!!...I could really do with a holiday right now!

I try to get out of the hotel as much as I can, so on my long breaks on my split shift days or when I finish at 4 or 5 I always try to go out for a meal or a milkshake or ice cream....makes the day so much better!
The food here is still horrible, the same thing everyday, really starting to get sick of it already.... I think I'm addicted to nutella!! I sit in the room with my laptop munching on biscuits dipped in nutella everyday without fail! Its the only thing keeping me alive right now hahaha.

Me Elly and Stacy went for brunch yesterday and I decided to get a yummy chocolate and banana crepe (chocolate as in nutella obviously). Afterwords me and Stacy went to the beach as we had our day off, and we both ended up falling asleep for a good 30 mins....oops.
It is perfect on the beach!
Then in the evening after Dani finished work we went to a restaurant/bar called Chasers, they always give out discounted drinks for everyone who works at Amathus because they know what its like to work there, think that's all I will say haaa. Chasers is the little Amathus staff hang out place, they literally know everyone who works here. So we went there for a munch up....was yummy!

But for now I think I may have a little nap before I have to go back to work later....It's so ridiculously hot here, the heat just drains out all my energy. And this is apparently nothing its just the begging of summer, it reaches up to over 40 degrees in August and September....That should be very interesting for me!!

Anyways its nap time for me!! :)...I'll leave you with some more pictures. :)

Yummy chocolate and banana crepe

We found ketchup from TESCO!!!!

Good meal!

Girlies :)



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