Saturday, 29 June 2013

Long first week in Cyprus...

Wow it's been a very busy week to say the least!
Right so lets rewind to the begging when I set off to leave for sunny Cyprus. Lets just say the airport was a very eventful experience to start the whole journey, it turned out that I had exceeded the weight limit which I was allowed to take on the fight  (no surprise there!!) which lead to having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for just 6kg...oops!! But then again a girl needs all the essentials with her if shes going away for a year right!??

So after the horrible goodbyes I had to make my way (run) all the way to the other side of the airport and board the plane. About 4 hours later it was finally touchdown in Cyprus!. After finding my luggage with Savvas it was time to find Elly, Dani and Stacy and make our way to the hotel. Once we found the taxi driver and squeezed all of our bags and suitcases into the boot the 1 hour car journey to the hotel turned into a 3 hour journey!!

We hopped out of the taxi and walked into the hotel which looks absolutely amazing! the front lobby, the gorgeous view out the floor to ceiling length windows of the sea, the inside restaurant as well as the outside restaurant was all breathtaking.

we then got split and taken to our rooms. Elly and I were given a room, Dani and Stacy were given a room together and Savvas was given a room....So there was us thinking we would get a magnificent hotel room for the night before we get moved to our apartment the next day. But ohh no we could not have been any more wrong!! it turned out we would be staying at the hotel in little staff accommodation rooms for the year!!...what a letdown. On the plus side its just a elevator down to work :)

knowing that we would be living in this room me and Elly decided to make it a bit more homely, and I can safely say it now looks 100 times better than it did when we first walked in. Trying to unpack all our belongings was a bit of a struggle as there is hardly any storage space, but we managed it .    

The first 4 days we just enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and the beach, things which do not really exists back at home. It feels so good being in the sun all the time!!

And for the past 4 days we have all been at work but somehow it feels like I have been working for 4 weeks. Its so ridiculously fast pace but learn so much without realizing how much I learn in a day.
My feet have doubled in size with blisters due to standing on my feet 10 hours a day 6 days a week.
Its not easy let me tell you that!!

here are some pictures from the first week :)....

Goodbye England!!

The Hotel we work at from the beach view

Love spending time at the beach, so relaxing

 Hahahah thought these toilet symbols were genius!!.

Night out!!
Stacy, Dani, Me and Elly :)

The room definitely looks homely now :) 

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